Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm excited, yet I'm fearing it at the same time...

Hey Mom! (Written 5/8)
Things are going well over here. This week for our Tuesday devotional, we had Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speak to us. That was a real treat for sure and the words were so inspiring. Overall, the main messages were that the decision we've made is one of the most correct decisions we've ever made and that while we're here, we need to make it an experience that will truly memorable and worthwhile, in the sense that it's something that truly changes us. That hit me pretty hard, especially with the mixed feelings I've had in realizing that next Monday, I'll be arriving in the mission field. I'm excited, yet I'm fearing it at the same time. My faith has increased so much, though, and I'm really just holding on to that. I've really seen the improvement in myself and my companionship this past week. We've gelled well and stuff, but throughout, we found ourselves having too much fun. Thankfully, the chastisement of the spirit is something that is truly incredible and we've allowed it to help direct us to know what we needed to change. We've also been filled with the spirit more often. Our lessons have gotten better and we've been united in our teaching. Working with the spirit and acting upon it really is a necessity. I'm glad Cinco de Mayo went well. Oh! For Mother's Day, we'll be calling from 1:30-2 PM your time. This is the first time the MTC has done this, so this is really a unique time to be here. We'll get to call from the airport the next day (I heard), so hopefully I'll have more info by Sunday. I sent grandma a mother's day card, so hopefully it will arrive before then. Well, I hope all is well. I love you all so much. I'm going to try hard to trust in the Lord as did Nephi in 2 Nephi 4: 33-35. The next time I'll email is in Mexico, so bye till then. Love you and can't wait till Sunday!

Manuel (Elder Santos)

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