Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Letter #2 Kraft Macaroni and Cheese...such sweet bliss

On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 4:33 PM

Our Dearest Son,

So how are you? We hope all is well & you are working hard things are progressing with the people in Tixkokob.

Your letter last week was simply marvelous, bold and to the point. Our loved ones needed to hear it, as well as myself . I feel you were definitely inspired to write the words you did. You reminded me of Mini President Holland.

Well we are having some sizzling weather. We went to Weston/Athena for the Colonian games. While we were this young man stop by & says “first what is your last name?” I said "Santos". He asked if we were related to Manny? I said "yes he is our son."  He said his name is Luke, and he was your younger brother from Trek. He says to tell you he sends a BIG HELLO! I said you were serving a mission in Mexico. He seems like great young man. That of course was the highlight of our day there.

I just got a called from the pool saying they are having trouble with the ice machine so I need to go over there & get it so Dad can have a look at it.

I am so excited you got your package! I also saw this member of the church who knows you he says his daughter Hannah is on a mission to Mexico city & they know you. He also mentions a place you can send packages, and will not take so long. When I find out what it is I will send more goodies so let me know if you need anything. How are your shoes holding up with all the walking? Remember to keep them clean.

Love su
Mami Y Papi!

Well, I didn't realize you had responded, so I'll respond to this one quick. First of all, I appreciate being compared to Elder Holland. Haha. If you think he's bold in conference, you should hear him
outside of the Tabernacle. Haha.

Oh man! Ah, I love Luke. He's a way good guy and was such a help to me during trek. If you remember how he looked, he was a big'un and for me, he was my ox. He was an ox for our whole family, actually. Haha. I'm glad Oswaldo's with you.

So, the brother who you met is named Kevin Christianson. (sp?) He's probably one of my favorite people in our whole stake and is just a really great guy. His daughter's serving in Mexico City and
I ran into her at the MTC on her first day because I was hosting new missionaries that day and she accidently called me Manny. That was an enjoyable experience because I had to think for a sec because nobody at the MTC knew me by that name. Haha. As for my shoes, they're doing just fine. I'm actually saving the other pair for when these one's wear out just so that they'll stay in good condition. Oh boy, more goodies! Elder Wilcox and I have been having a good time with those. We enjoyed a lovely American meal of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese last night. Ah, such is sweet bliss. Anyway, hope you guys have a wonderful week. Love you!

 Some kinda Mayan dish an hermana in our branch made for us 
(oh man,after the mission, I'm not gonna eat eggs probably for the rest of my lifeish), and more importantly, a donkey....

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