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Little by little things are picking up...

The huge/old Catholic church in the center of town...

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 1:06 PM,

My Dearest Son,

How are you? With all my heart I hope you are well or at the very least better. May you know my heart is at peace, and so even tho I am not there to take care of you without any doubt I know you are in the Lord’s hallow hand, and you will be very well taken care of as well as protected. We hope you have seen the miracle you & your companion need but most important the people in Tixkokob need. I read an article in the Oct 2013 “Hastening the Lord’s Game Plan!” What an exciting man he is. His name  is Elder S. Gifford Nielsen. He is exciting to listen to. He also talks about the members getting involve. This Sunday is fast Sunday so maybe this is your chance to bare your testimony, and talk about how they need to help by inviting friends & neighbors especially if they want that chapel they desperately need. I will be fasting for you & Elder Wilcox & the people there. I bear you my testimony I know you need to be there you will have a big impact there but always on the Lords time clock not ours. You are an amazing young man, and you are strong so move forward with the amour of God, and like the Stripling warriors you have been taught by God fearing mother who wax strong in faith in our Savior who is behind this wonderful labor of love. I do so in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

We are seeing blessing in abundance here because of you. Last night I  fell asleep watching TV, and when your Dad hopped in bed he woke me up. I immediately remembered I had not said my prayers, and I said it out loud so I knelt & your father decided to join me. So we knelt in prayer last night together (misty eyes) before going to bed that has never happened. It was wonderful so my amazing Missionary Son continue working hard so one day we can be sealed as an eternal family.

Love you forever

  Some funky but rather tasty fruit.

Dear Momma,

Oh wow. That´s all I have to say in regards to your experience you had with dad. I can't even begin to express the amount of shock and awe that came upon me, but it is an incredibly humbling feeling as well to see all the wonderful changes that are occurring. I really appreciate all the love and support you and dad and everyone have been during the duration of my time here so far. It really is a blessing and a huge relief for me. It's the little things that keep me going. Haha.

I appreciate the advice and I will see what the spirit indicates to me as I share my testimony this Sunday. I know for sure the branch president is really fired and enthused to get more member-missionary work going, especially because during the third hour of church this week, we analyzed President Uchtdorf's talk, "Are You Sleeping During the Restoration?". We also talked a lot about that during zone meeting today. Really, that's a big thing and things are picking up since we were able to go out with the branch mission leader, Genaro, this week. He's a bit of a less active because he works Sundays sometimes because he's a mariachi, but also, in regards to going out, he's kinda shy, but we've helped him out and he's grown a lot, so we have at least a weekly outing with him to look forward to now. Little by little, things are picking up and just overall, this week's been a ton better. Elder Wilcox and I made a goal this week to improve our talking to everybody because a lot of the time, it's been hustling to the next lesson, but we committed to really contacting every person we came into contact with. What a blessing that was. For me personally, that helped with my confidence, but also, it just helped us have a better week, even if not everyone we talked to was interested. We have some potential one's, though, and that really makes me happy and peps me up quite a bit.

What also was a big thing for us this week were the following two situations: so, our investigator, M, who we've been meeting with at her mom's place weekly, had an improvement in her situation. (Since she's the lady who's husband won't let her get baptized even though he's got a lady on the side and is just awful and yeah.) He's calmed down a bit and it's looking like she could potentially get baptized soon and might be calm enough to where we could talk to him. He just needs a change of attitude. We're holding out for a miracle! The other thing that happened was that we had two of our investigators at church. (Including M, because she hasn't been able to go to church for a while. It may be a little number, but for us in our hard little pueblo, it's a big deal. Haha.) That just felt way good. And our investigator L was the other who attended, finally! He's just been progressing well and had a huge desire to go to church, but something big always happened every Sunday. He just had some way bad luck, but he finally got to go this Sunday! I'm excited to see how he liked it.

In regards to me, I'm getting better. My health has improved quite a bit, and I feel it's from faithful work, but also from the prayers of others. I've felt the blessings and it puts me in a much happier mood without it. Haha. But for reals, it helps me stick things out a lot better as I combat various feelings of negativity and feelings that just go against the work at times. I'm so grateful I have this opportunity to serve and for the growth I've seen in myself from doing so. It's way hard to be without my wonderful family (Especially when sick and stuff), but the time is way worth it. I know without a doubt I need to be here. I'm not completely sure why specifically this mission still, but little by little, I'm seeing why, and that faith is what I'm holding on to.

Also, something that I was thinking about this week quite a bit was that I really regret being such a brat at home and not showing my love or my gratefulness far more than I should have. I sincerely apologize for that. Like, just thinking about that, I was seriously a brat and was a pretty bad and sassy headache quite a bit. I also really regret that it took going on a mission to realize that completely and want to change that, but I can't change the past. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you and dad for all that you've done for me. For wanting the best for me, for providing for me, for just trying to keep me happy, and for being loving as heck, even when I was arrogant and didn't want to acknowledge it or show it back. I just love you guys so much. And yes mom, you're right, about everything and stuff. Haha. On that note, I'll let you go, but I'm always praying for you and hope you have a wonderful week.

All my love,

A happy dog named Tori who belongs to one of our investigators.

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