Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We can't do it alone.

Date: 11/24/14 2:55:20 PM

Dear Mama and Papi,

Just to give an update, my voice returned. Haha. I appreciate the prayers on my behalf. It's almost gone. I think it came because of the slight change in climate. It's starting to get a bit more breezy and stuff, so people catching colds is pretty common. Yes, I'm taking my Cold-eaze as well, but I do need to take my vitamins. Thanks for reminding me. Haha.

Well, really, the one thing I have to report this week is that... WE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!

Been waiting two transfers (almost 3) for a baptism, but I am very humbled that we were able to baptize, especially since it was with my son, since it was around this time during my first transfer that I baptized with my dad, Elder W. (Well, actually, his name is Dave now, but you know what I mean.) Really, it just makes me feel good. Plus we had the opportunity to work with one of the assistants to the mission president, and that's always a nice fresh mix. Plus it helped us a ton.

My companion's mom is on FB. Look for a L L from Puebla. My district leader (my gosh, I can't believe I forgot to tell you...) is from San Pedro Sula. Neat, huh? Haha. Don't worry. I've learned more or less to be patient. Haha.

Thank you for the words of encouragement and the talk. I've been feeling loaded a bit, but a different perspective helps a lot. It's sometimes hard especially with the goal of the mission to baptize every week and to prepare them, because one really does wonder if its just numbers for them, but I've done a lot of contemplating and a good training with our president eased me a bit. While I still can't stand the pressure of it all, I understand more now. The goal we have is the goal the Lord has given for our mission because He knows just how important it is for these people.

There's so much iniquity, especially with the law of chastity. It's killing families and baptism is so so necessary for them so that their families can be saved. We can all reach eternal life, but exaltation can only be achieved together as a family. We can't do it alone. To end with the spirit of thanksgiving, I just want to tell you how thankful I am for this gospel as well as my family. I don't know just where I'd be without my precious family. While I miss them all so much, I'm so grateful that through the blessings of this restored gospel, we can be together forever, if we all desire it and do our part. To those who are still with us but have left the safety of the church, I still have hope and faith that you will realize just what you are missing. I say these closing words as a direct caution of love: without the blessings of the temple, following this life, there is no family, which is why we should do all possible to take advantage of these blessings while there is still time. I love you all so much, especially my small precious family of three. Till next week!

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS, The twins shoulda been born a day later.

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