Sunday, April 13, 2014

"I've adjusted well..."

Hey mom! I'm doing well. I actually got yours and dad's letters today and need some time to respond to them because of how busy things are, but I will write back hopefully in the next few days.

I've adjusted well. I have really wonderful companions. Yes, companions. It was originally just myself and my companion, but there was another missionary in our district who was also supposed to live in our apartments who's companion never arrived, so now we're a trio. My original companion's name is Elder Oberan. He's an American elder from Mesa, Arizona (Neat, right?) and will be serving in the Georgia, Atlanta North mission. He's 6"6.5 ft. tall, so you can imagine the contrast between us in height, but he's wonderful. He's so intelligent about pretty much everything, so you can only imagine how his gospel knowledge is. It's incredible. Then there's my other companion, Elder Tuala, who's like everything polynesian. He's Tongan, Samoan, Hawaiian, and even a bit Japanese. He's from Azusa, California and just has a big heart. He's 18, I'm 19, and then Elder Oberan's 20. It's pretty funny. Haha.

Conference in the MTC is pretty amazing. I'm actually a zone leader now and my p-day's on Thursdays now, so that's when you'll be hearing from me.

I'm so glad things are good at home and that dad's taking things well. I'll be sure to keep him and you in my prayers. I always do. And I appreciate the counsel on eating good. Please send my love to everyone, especially the missionaries. Please tell them thank you for the preparation, that I miss them, I love them, and most importantly, besos. I love you guys so much and can't wait to hear from you again next week. Bye!

PS I've included a picture of my companions that we took just a few minutes ago. Haha.

And also, if you're wondering who the lady is in the other picture, she's the olympic lady that was talked about in conference (Noelle Pikus-Pace). I had to go to Las Vegas for my Visa, and my group ran into her at the Salt Lake airport.

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