Sunday, September 7, 2014

Changes are truly occurring...


Our Dearest Son,

Hello! How are you?

“De manera que, el que la predica y el que la recibe se comprenden el uno a otro, y ambos son edificados y se regocijan juntamente.” D&C 50:22

The Spanish missionaries spoke in sacrament, and quoted this wonderful scripture, and you came to my mind. I can see & feel your growth in the wonderful uplifting letters you write. I believe because as you have shared the gospel you have been blessed with a richer understanding of the gospel.

The Elders Hanson & Carter shared with me they went to the Tike Hut, but your Dad didn’t allow them to pay, because he to had a son on a mission, and wanted to him to be treated nice wherever he went!  Oh how my heart jumped for joy when they shared this little act of kindness from your dad. You remember how he gave us a bad time when we did not want to charge the missionaries. This all goes back to the scripture I quoted.

With all my heart I hope you are having a wonderful week, and if not please press on with all your might, heart, and strength. The Lord will not only lead you to those needing the gospel, but also prepared them with open minds and hearts.

Sending all our love & prayers on your behalf & companion’s.

Mom & Papi


Dear Momma and Papi,

Sorry for the wait. Haha. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the advice and the encouragement you've given me. It's seriously helped and brought me peace to read the things you've sent me, and the story you told me about dad and the missionaries brought a smile to my face. Changes are truly occurring. The training we had today was really helpful because it seems I'm not the only one who's feeling some weight on my shoulders. I wrote Presidente Garcia last week and he told me to write or call him if my companion continues to be disobedient. He really does have a good heart, but if I have to, I will. I had Josh give me some good advice in regards to that. We did learn some really good things that help strengthen the relationships within companions, so I really hope that those things will be put into practice. I'm mainly going to be working on being bold, but not overbearing and also being more charitable to my companion, so more service towards him. I have more hope for this coming week, so I just pray that all will go better. It really was an inspired meeting that we had today and I know without a doubt that all within this church are truly called by God in their respective callings. We were all truly prepared to come to this Earth at the time that we did and that no matter what Satan puts in our path, we can always conquer him. To quote Hermana Garcia today, "We've already won the first battle, because we're here. (On this Earth, because we chose to follow God's plan.)" These things I know to be true and I testify of them in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

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