Sunday, September 21, 2014

Faith really is a hope for things that are not seen...


Dear Mami y Papi,

Just a small comment in regards to the conversion, that can be the hardest part with investigators sometimes. Ugh... Haha. It's difficult a lot because sometimes it's hard for us to help them see the importance of keeping the commitments we give them, including reading the Book of Mormon, praying specifically about the truthfulness of our message, etc. People here just work too dang much. Haha. (But seriously, though. A lot work 6 or 7 days a week and it's hard to help them feel and understand that they will be blessed for keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Lack of faith and too much worrying that they'll lose their job or something or that God understands. Something I've learned here is that that is a terrible justification for jobs that aren't public services like the local police, working at the hospital, etc. God will provide because I've seen a man in my first area ask for a change in days off and he was able to get Sundays off no problem.)

Oh man. I was just thinking about that yesterday that you'll be able to get sealed to grandma and my tio and tias now! :) That came to mind yesterday and it made me really happy and excited thinking about it. Hopefully it won't take 30 years, but regardless of the wait, I look forward to the time when it'll be our turn. (In regards to you, dad, and myself.) That's something I try to remain faithful and hopeful for, because at times, it does really seem like it's a rather far off goal, but I try to keep Alma's words in regards to faith in mind, because faith really is a hope for things that are not seen, which are true. It's sometimes something hard to think about (please don't cry or feel bad whatsoever) because I see all the families who I know are sealed together and want that myself, but I try to remain hopeful and not lose faith.

This week was pretty tough. I'll be honest. It's the last week of transfers, and I feel really bad that I want a new companion. I'm just honestly super stressed out because the casual obedience effects. Though he may not feel bad about things, I do, and if he does, he doesn't really show it. I guess I'm the only companion who's ever "complained" about stuff he does. I didn't want to do it, because I had hoped things would be a bit better after a zone meeting we had last week about obedience, but I sent an email to President Garcia telling him how I felt. (It wasn't the first time.) I really don't care if I'm considered chismoso for it (because all the gringos apparently do that with their companions), but I've just had it. Really, I guess this is the best way I could've demonstrated love because I did it for the both of us; so I can progress and show recompence for letting this go on too long and so that he can hopefully improve in those aspects and become a truly excellent missionary. (Es un bravo. Ugh...) Plus, I'm just tired of being told of how chafa (lame) I am. (Because I've made some mistakes during teaching or contacting because now I'm paranoid that everything I do is wrong.) I'm leaving it in the Lord's hands and I just hope that there aren't any hard feelings or that he'll be indifferent towards me. Hopefully the hat will be a good peace offering. Love you guys and hope you have a good week.

Love Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS Thank for for sending my package! I'll let you know when it gets here, but it may be a while since all mail goes to the mission offices in Merida, and since I'm here in Campeche, I only receive mail when we have zone meetings. (Because prior to every zone meeting, all the zone leaders have to go to Merida to receive instruction from President and Sister Garcia.) I'd gladly accept the keyboard, but I don't think I'll have room for it. :( But please tell Sister Peterson thank you, and instead, the Hymns Made Easy book in Spanish would be pretty good instead. I'm eating well. I didn't want to tell you this, but I left all my bedding things in my first area when I left because they were taking up a lot of room and we only sleep in hammocks in this mission. (All the homes have places to hang up hammocks, but we've no mattresses or anything for beds.) I feel bad because of the money you had to spend on those. I'm really sorry about that. It rains a lot, but don't worry. I'll be careful.

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