Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm senior companion now...


Dear Momma and Papi,

This last week was actually pretty disappointing and long in many aspects, but also a good time to reflect and prepare for this new transfer. We had a really bad week for work this week. I was made senior companion the last week of transfers so that I'd be doing everything. (Because as I mentioned, in my companion's eyes, I didn't really do anything.) It was difficult because he was really relaxed and had less desires to work for this last week. I should have done more this last week, (because we had some instances where we where with members for hours because my companion kept talking and I didn't say anything hoping he'd be responsible but also because I didn't want to dispute or anything in front of the members.) but all I can do now is make up for lost time and work harder than ever have before.

My companion was transferred (as well as my district leader), but last night, we made up and apologized for all that happened. We talked quite a bit that last night and just went over what I need to do to better myself so we can pick things up, especially because I'm senior companion now. I met my new companion, Elder Velasquez, today and I'm looking forward for this transfer. I'm really nervous because there's a lot of stepping up and effort to put forth on my part, but it's all for my good and I just hope that I don't disappoint. Prayers please! Thanks for being proud of me, even though I'm not the greatest missionary in the world. It means alot. I'm glad the soccer people approved! Things are as they should be. Who's the young man, btw? I'm curious. I'll try to write Melissa. That's way tough. Man... Anyway, I'm a bit short on time today because of how the transfers came about and I have to head off to a district meeting, but I love you all just tons. You mean the world to me. Just wanted you to know that. Wish me luck!

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS Glad my package got here well. Thank you! Also, I'll try to send the picture of my tag later tonight or next week. The computer I'm using is slow.

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