Friday, November 14, 2014

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so real...

On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 10:31 AM

Our Dearest Missionary Son,

We hope your week was good, and you were able to see the Lord’s hand in your labors, and his tender mercies when you needed them.

Your Dad and I are doing well. Your Dad still has his stomach pain, and saw the Doc. and she put him on another Med, and if this doest work she is going to send him to Seattle for more testing. So we will see what happens.

Well, I do have some sad news for you Kimmie is now on the other side of the veil. So as a ward family we are all in mourning. We love her, and we will miss her. This is where our faith comes in. I remember President Snell saying this is where we turn it over to the Lord, and the Atonement will take the sting of death away.

There is a viewing for the family this evening, and I will be taking a salad for them. The funeral is Tuesday so I will be going to it. If you feel incline to write something for any of them write it & I will give it to them in a card,

Jody is having tough time because the mission is not allowing them to talk to Josh so the only way to tell him about her passing is by email which I can tell you its tough. I got a lump in my throat when I wrote to tell you by email. I did tell her to pray hard before writing, and the words would flow. You might want to write a few words to Josh too.

Please say some prayers for your cousin.  I am sorry, so far this letter has had some sorrow, and afflictions, but that’s why is important to have the gospel in our lives so we are better prepared for the storms life brings us. I am so thankful for my testimony, and my faith in my Savior who I know will heal us, strengthen, and uphold us when we can no longer stand.

I am excited for general conference, and can’t wait to here the messages, and council from our Prophet, his counselors, and apostles.

Well, your buddies have gone back to college, and Brett’s sis Megan is going to Eastern OR in La Grande, and Hannah is at PSU.

I also saw an article where Rily the drummer for your band got together with some band & recorded a record. I thought you would love to here that.

Did you get your package? Ask Elder Velasquez if his family has facebook? It would be nice to get to know them. Thank you for the photos. You look great, and I share it on FB everybody says hi!

We love you, and have seen the blessing in abundance since you have been on your mission so keep up the great work, and glorify your Heavenly Father!

Take care, and know we love you beyond eternity!

Su Mami y Papi ( el Viejo!)

Date: 9/29/14 12:21:47 PM
From: "Manuel Santos"
To: "Isabel Santos"

Dear Mami y Papi,

First of all, I feel bad for dad. The last thing he needs are more pills... Haha. Hopefully all turns out well because I'm sure he's growing tired of having to see so many doctors. (Though, the stories of how he treats them always makes me smile. Haha.) I was able to get my package this week and was really really greatful for all the wonderful food! I about died when I saw the cans of Nalley's chili at the bottom. Now I just to ask one of the sisters here to let me borrow a pot. (Because there isn't a pot here.)

This week was actually pretty lame for work because our numbers were really low in terms of lessons. We had a ton last week and just it felt really bad to see how low they were this week. I don't say this because of numbers, but because of less opportunities to teach. Plus my companion got sick, so I was worrying in those aspects. Yeesh. I feel like a parent... Haha. Regardless, we had a really good district meeting this morning and I feel many a desire to better myself. We were just able to talk openly about how we can help others keep the commitments we extend to them, because it's really frustrating when they don't and is absolutely depressing to work all week and have no one come to church, but I'm really exited to apply the things we learned today.

In regards to Kimmie, words cannot express the sorrow I feel for her passing. She is someone whom I will truly miss, especially just with her pure, raw, energy she always had. She was someone who I was always happy to see. I can honestly say that it feels like losing a dear family member. However, it is thanks to this blessed restored gospel that I receive my consolence.

As a missionary, something that I grow to learn more each day, as I apply it, is that the atonement of Jesus Christ is so real. At times, one tends to feel that during the present pain, there is absolutely nothing that can take it away, and bringing Jesus into the picture doesn't help too much because He's not there, but His love is absolutely eternal. He suffered so that He could heal us perfectly, and it is through His atonement that we can receive the peace we need but also that we may better and perfect our lives so that we may return to our loved ones one day. It is also through the blessings of the restoration that familes can be eternal. I marvel at such a blessing that our Heavenly Father has given us! I've heard the terribly sad perspective that once we die, we are no longer family, but what kind of a God would leave us with such a miserable fate? It is my sincere testimony that our loving Heavenly Father gave us this wonderful plan of salvation so that we could return to Him as families and to live in pure happiness for all of the eternities. Though I may not be sealed to my family at this moment, it is something that I do want to have one day and I know that such happiness exists because I know God lives, that He loves us, and that He actually cares about our happiness. These things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Please send my condolences and love to both the Blake and McDaniels family. I love you both tons and I promise I'll write dad his personal letter next week since I wanted to spend a bit of time with my note to Kimmie's family.

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

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