Friday, November 14, 2014

There was just a lot of love for them...

Date: 10/20/14 2:17:08 PM
From: "Manuel Santos"
To: "Isabel Santos"

Dear Momma and Papi,

First of all, I'm way glad to hear that you've been able to go out with the missionaries. I hope you realize just how much of a help you are to them and how appreciated you are. That's something we haven't been able to have much of this week for various circumstances, so just know that every visit you can accompany them to is highly valued and appreciated.

I hope you know how jealous I am that you got to attend Leah's wedding (being that I've missed two weddings and a long awaited sealing session). Though I was never really able to give Leah my complete and total approval, she's married and stuff already, so please congratulate her (and Jay) and tell her I love her! (Send pics please.)

So, this week, I'm going to actually talk about how the work went this week. (Seriously, it's been a while. I haven't really talked about the work since my second transfer. Haha.) I feel really lame since I haven't baptized in two transfers (including this one since it ends this week), however, we do have a couple of really powerful investigators. Their names are H and his cousin E. They're both 19 years old and I just want so bad for them to continue in the gospel. First of all, I feel more connected to them because of their age, but they just have so much potential and are at an age where complete acceptance of the gospel will affect so much it's not even funny.

H is the boyfriend of a less active gal in the branch and at first we all wondered if he's continue listening just for her, but we've developed a confidence and baptism is something that he's seriously considering and praying for to see if it's what he needs to do. His cousin E is also way awesome. Like H, he asks some really inspired questions, participates a lot and is quick to understand the doctrine. We taught them yesterday with the family of H's girlfriend and put another appointment for tonight since they both live in the same house. They told us we could stay as long as we wanted and that we could watch a movie afterwards. We explained that as missionaries we couldn't, but I mention this because in that moment, there was just a lot of love for them and that nothing feels as wonderful as the confidence and friendship of those you teach. I just hope that the Lord permits me to be here to be at their baptism next month. (Since we're working for the 8th of November.)

Something else quick, we taught a less active lady named C. She's from El Salvador and has such a wonderful sarcastic and witty nature about her. She's in her 70's right now and is just a riot to be with. We've been helping her come back to church, and yesterday, we re-taught the plan of salvation with a member. In the end, we made plans and set a goal that she can get interviewed again to attend the temple in December with the branch and to start her family history work. Really, these experiences don't sound like much, but to me they are special and were the highlights of my week. It is truly a testimony to me of the importance of these restored ordinances of which we have here on the earth again. It brings my soul so much joy to have been able to see and feel how important these things are since you had the same opportunity to feel that as well with Leah and Jay's wedding. I hope dad was able to feel a bit of that spirit there on the grounds. Hope all goes well this week! Love you tons!

Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS, I'll have to see what I can do about the dental visit. Also, please tell Val hi for me as well! I had a feeling she'd be home soon, if not already. Haha.

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