Thursday, February 19, 2015

There's far too much work to do and not enough time...


Dear Mama and Papi,

Don't worry about the package. It wasn't there, but it was better that way because I had a lot to take home since we slept in Campeche the night before we went to Merida. If anything, we'll probably have zone council soon, so I'll be able to get it then if it arrives. Don't worry about it whatsoever, Mama. Most missionaries receive their Christmas packages late, anyway. I wasn't the only one. Haha.

This is just gonna be a short message since I'll be talking to you (very soon), but this week was rather difficult. We have very little investigators right now and some have passed their baptismal date and there's just a lot going on right now that's making progress very difficult and stressful. We have things we need to do with the members so that the spirit is felt more at church, we have to find new investigators this week, and we have to prepare for a Christmas activity this Saturday at the church.
Sometimes I feel there's far too much work to do and not enough time to do so, though that's probably because I'm impatient. Something that I'm going to work on this week are applying more Christlike attributes because I feel I've been lacking with those but also because Pres. Garcia invited all of us to do so yesterday because it is so important we are 100% pure and like Him so that the work may progress.

Anyway, the Christmas gathering was pretty nice. The whole mission was there and I felt claustrophobic amongst all the missionaries. Haha. (We got home late, though, because of all the traveling and somehow, all 4 of us here in Champotón got a bit sick in the stomach and I have no idea why or how. Haha.)

Sounds like the work in the ward is going great! That sister needs friendshipping. It's crucial to her being baptized. Preach My Gospel says that lessons with members present and friendshipping gets folks baptized sooner, so keep showing your love! I'll leave things like this for now (since we'll talk in a couple of days. :) , but till then, love you all!

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS, Photo from the "pachanga".

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