Thursday, February 19, 2015

This is truly the work of God...


Dear Mama and Papi,

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. P-day was moved till today because some of us went to the temple today. I'll email you later. (Hopefully) But in short, I just feel great since it's been so long since I've been to the temple. Haha. Love you tons!

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

Dear Mami and Papi,

So, as I mentioned, I got to go to the temple today with my district leader and another Elder from an area close to ours called Escarcega. That was such a treat. I haven't been to the temple in so long and can say it is something that I have missed. Now that we'll be having more time to do family history work, we'll have more opportunities to go since we need to bring our own family names in order to go (That, or memorize all the scripture mastery scripture from D&C and the new testament, but let's face it, I think you and I know that memorization isn't that great. Haha.) I did baptisms today and it reminded me of youth temple trips. Only difference was that I understand so much more of what I am doing while I'm there. I can gladly say that I have an unshakeable testimony of temple ordinances and that these are truly opportunities for others to meet their Father in His presence. We cannot be saved without our dead, so it is vital that we get to work. (Myself included.) It is such a special opportunity to attend the temple, and I hope that I may be diligent enough to attend weekly in the future.

I could talk about how this week went, but really, nothing was as special as going to the temple, so I'll leave my thoughts regarding this week with the focus on that and also with the invitation that we all do our own family history, with the goal that the ordinances be done as soon as possible. The work of salvation has been pressurized and we've been counseled by our leaders to not hold the names to ourselves because we want to do the names personally. (For an unreasonable amount of time, that is.) This is truly the work of God.

Congratulations on ditching the novelas! (They're predictable, anyway. Two folks are in love, there's opposition, usually by the future in-laws or a jealous third-party character, someone dies/gets killed, ends in a wedding, Fin.) Haha. No worries about the treats. I need to lose weight anyway. I'm excited for my things because I need them. Haha. Please thank my wonderful family for me and send them my love. Well, that's all for this week, but I hope all is well. I love you both eternally.

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS, Something that came to mind today is that I remembered that Tia Elena had given me some temple names a while back, but I forgot to do the ordinances. They're in an envelope on my nightstand (The one with the movies) and if you find them, could you send them to me please so that I can get those done while I'm here? Also, for all the family reading, if there's names that need to be done that I can trace back on my tree, I'd love to do the baptisms and endowments for some, if that'd be alright ALso, picture is of myself and my first son, Elder Lopez, in front of the temple. We got to hang and that was wonderful.

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