Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This Was The Most Gratifying Day...


Dear Mama and Papi,

Sorry, but this will be a short letter as well since I'm writing in the family history center while Elder Ku is with Hermana Garcia picking up his suit. This week, we were really busy helping him get his stuff together. Monday, I picked him up. Tuesday, training meeting in the morning and then I had to let him rest a bit, as were the doctor's orders. (This was the most gratifying day as we went to a temple session in the morning. It was just gorgeous!) Wednesday, inter-changes with the zone leaders, so we worked that day. Thursday, leadership meeting that took up most of the day and then we had correlation with our mission leader. Friday, zone counsel in the morning, but also splits with my mission brother, Elder Lima, because our mini missionaries (who are brothers) were shopping with Hermana Garcia. We went to the meeting, ate lunch, and then had to run back to Mérida to pick up our sons again, and then a bit of work in the evening. Saturday, normal day of work. Sunday, a much needed Sabbath Day (yes, it is truly a delight) with work as well. As you can tell, it's been a crazy week, but I'm very pleased to be Elder Ku's trainer before he leaves for his mission. Though he'll leave me this week, I know he's ready. He's got the spirit and the desire. He'll work miracles because he has an "eye single to the glory of God". In short, he's qualified. (See D&C 4.) That's all for this week, as this week will be a bit crazy as well. (This day in general. Haha.) Love you all!

Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS, received the envelope and the card's activated. Thank you so much!!!

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