Sunday, September 13, 2015

Temple...There Is Nothing That Brings Me Greater Peace

April 21, 2015
Dear Mama and Papi,

First of all, I am well. P-day was moved to today since we went to the temple today. There is nothing that brings me a greater peace than that. I had the privilage to be there for 3 hours since I was asked help with baptisms. There were 4 of us missionaries there and the temple presidency had us do the ordinances amongst the 4 of us, so that was a good time. 
In regards to the new area, I love it! The members are way cool and treat us missionaries super well. (They love missionaries.) The only difficulty is that we are opening the area. Before us, there were Hermanas, but they switched them out with us, so this past week, we've been trying to learn the area and all that comes with that. Something that we need to get working on with the ward (because we're in a ward) are support systems with all of the investigators as well as the bishops list of action. The ward is small and we need to change the culture/attitude of it in which simply going to church every week is considered "active". I view it almost as the church is in Utah since here in Merida, most are longtime members/ancestors of the members who pioneered the church here in the peninsula. There's much to do, but thankfully, I was in a meeting with President Garcia not to long ago, so I remember enough so that we can get this stuff going.

Sweet mercy, the local church is gonna start missionary work? Wow. They're working in the exact areas that we do. The local missionaries are gonna have fun with that. Haha. Please wish my Tio Marco and Ammon a happy birthday for me. Nothing pleases me more than to know that dad asked for a blessing from Tio. I am a second witness that he is a very spiritual man. I've always known in and am privileged to have such a priesthood holder in my family.
Papi, solo quiero que tu sabes que yo estoy bien. Mi compañero es muy bueno. Es un Dominicano que es muy alto y moreno, entonces estoy protegido. Los miembros nos aman muchisimo, entonces igual estoy bien entre ellos. Estoy muy feliz y contento que estoy aqui y ya muy pronto volverá. No te preocupes y continua a confiar en Dios que el escucha a tus oraciones. 
That's all for this week. Please tell everyone hi for me. Love you all tons!

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

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