Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let The Spirit Guide Our Decisions...


Dear Mama and Papi,

By the time you receive this email, Kyle and Val will have been sealed in the temple. It's baffling to think how fast time has gone by, but it's a wonderful thought to know of the sacred and beautiful covenants that they've made for eternity. 
This week, our mission leader Amír went through the temple for his own endowments for the first time, and the day after, his brother Omar was sealed to his eternal companion, so this week, my mind has been filled with reminders of all the blessings that we have thanks to the Atonement of Christ. It's a very humbling thing to reflect about. 
This week, I had the opportunity to go to my first leadership meeting. It was an incredible experience. Let me tell you why. Haha. What happened is that all of the zone leaders and district gathered together to counsel about how in our prospective zones we can reach the goal of baptizing every week. Every zone came up with their own plans and it was really just a wonderful opportunity to be able to receive the revelation that we needed that was done according to our needs. We were given an indefinite time to counsel, so it was just an opportunity to learn how to let the ideas flow and let the spirit guide our decisions. Right now, that's something that we're gonna need since this week we're gonna have to get a bit tougher. 
The members haven't given us referrals in a very long time now and we're low in investigators. Elder Sage and I are gonna have to use our authority this week because we need the help of the members. This is a big problem in pretty much the whole district too, so we have a goal this week to be persistent with the referrals. The members need to help since the baptisms don't come from us; they come from all of us. Prayers please!

Thank you for sending the card! I haven't received it yet, but I'll let you know when I get it. Hopefully I'll get to see dad in the parade next year. (Yes, I'm encouraging his participation. Haha.) Sorry this is short too, but I had a lot to do today. Love you tons!

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS, I'll give you the info for the stuff I wanna send next week so I can get the measurements and stuff. 
Also, pics are Elder Sage and I cleaning the baptismal font for the hermanas...
Elder Sage and I with the gal the hermanas taught...

The Hermanas with their convert, Yosmeri...

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