Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Right now the situation is rather interesting...


Dear Mama and Papi,

Well, my friend Elder Balam has left to go on his mission in Guadalajara, and truth be told, it was a good time. I was priviledged to help another prepare for his mission. Right now the situation is rather interesting. Well, I'm no longer in my area... To be honest, I'm still adjusting, but for the rest of the transfer, I'll be hanging out with the assistants, so they're my companions right now. Haha. The good thing is that I already know the assistants (one of them I've known for a long time now), so it hasn't been too hard. We actually went to IHOP today, so it hasn't been too bad. Haha. 
It's interesting to see all that has to occur to keep the mission going. Since I'm in the offices with them and the secretaries, I get to see all that happens. (The secretaries are my friends, so I've known things, but it's different being here, but as I mentioned, it's interesting. I'll send a picture of the three of us next week. They're a bit busy right now.) 
In the beginning, I was pretty stressed since the move was so sudden. What happened was this. So, my Elder Balam was going home, and in his place, I was supposed to take home his brother who's also preparing for a mission, but he was unable to come with me because he has a ton of health problems. He's some kind of deformation in his spine, he's got knee problems, something else, but in short, this is what the doctor said: "Estas roto, chavo." ("Yer messed up, kid.") So, he had to go home and rest. I was then left without a companion, so what was decided was that I would be with the assistants till the end of the transfer. My area was closed and now I'm in the Itzmna Ward. It does make me sad, but there's nothing I can do. I loved my district and zone, but perhaps there's something for me elsewhere. For this week, I'll be traveling with the assistants to all of the zone's as this week is the week in which the zones get together and have a meeting in which we review the 8 principles of teaching. I'll get to see my old zone, so it'll be fun. Wish me luck these next few weeks!

Thank you so much for the photos! How I miss the coast, but someday! I'm so happy for Ben and Josie. Where will they be living? Wish I could have been there with the family. (Would've been fun to see Tio and Tia dancing to bachata. I like bachata. Haha.) Well, I know this was short, but not much has happened this week, but I'll be sure to tell you more about my adventures with he assistants next week! Love you all!

Love Elder Manuel Antonio Santos


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