Sunday, September 13, 2015

There Is Nothing Easy About Serving A Mission

Dear Mami and Papi, 

To give a description of the going on's on this week, well, we're continuing to get to know the area. Haha. There's something really refreshing (though challenging) about opening an area. Yeah, there's a lot of stress with trying to get things flowing again after completely changing the missionaries (since it's almost like practically starting over again), but it's a good change and gives us the opportunity to really work more with the members. (Since we don't know a thing!) 
I've gotten to the point now in my mission where I will readily admit that I don't want to leave. I'm probably the millionth missionary to say so, but really, the people you serve really get to you and become close to your heart, members, investigators, less-actives, other missionaries, the whole lot. Everyone I've had the pleasure of serving and getting to know has pretty much developed a place in my heart. One elder prior to finishing his mission described his experience by saying that he got to know his best friends on the mission. For me, all these wonderful people have become my family, so now I know that no matter where I go in the mission or in this world, as long as the gospel remains on the earth, there will always be family. 
As I imagine you've come to see, there is nothing easy about serving a mission. Not all can handle. It's stressful and attacks you in every possible way. But there is a profound joy unlike no other. You just have to come with sincere desires to serve, "serve with all your heart, might, mind, and strength" (Thank you, Sister Puzey's seminary class for helping me memorize this in English.), and the joy will come. If one goes and just goes to get away, to get to know other parts of the world, to satisfy mom and dad, or whatever other reason that is without real intent, there is no real joy, and as Brigham Young said, they will "return in vain", and God will hold them accountable. All future missionaries reading this, "choose ye this day whom ye will serve" and choose well. 

It's good to here that you were able to start work early this year! It gives me more job security for when I finish. Haha. (You will hire me again, won't you?) I'm jealous that you're gonna be in Seattle. I miss my west coast states. Have a safe trip! Abraham in general is a real eye opener. I read it (well, moreso understood it) for the first time in the mission while still in my training, and yeah. It's a small book, but there's a lot to learn and understand. 

Querido Papi, no se procupe. Este año se va a ir rapido. Solamente manténgase ocupado. Ese funciona para mi. Los días son largos, pero las semanas se pasan rápido. La neta que si. No hay nada mejor que trabajar, trabajar, trabajar! Espero que todo esta bien y le escribo la proxima semana. Igual, le quiero mucho. Well, that's all I have to say for this week. Hope all is well! Love you all tons!

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS, Since Mother's Day is coming up, I'll be sure to keep you posted about when I'll Skype and stuff. Also, have you been able to look for a bag for me? I have a small one right now, but it's only good as a temporary bag. Also, please say hi to the Hendricksons as well as the others who said hi to me!   

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Our Dearest most wonderful Son,

We felt great joy to hear you love your area! How wonderful to hear the members there love missionaries especially because one of them happens to be our son. We hope you, and your companion are finding you way around. It must be different to be in a ward. How wonderful you were able to go to the temple, and do the ordinances.

Your Father loves getting his own personal greeting from you. I think he is feeling better especially since two days ago we took the Tiki Hut building to the Butte. This keeps him busy. After church I went to help him, and we did pretty good. You are probably wondering why so early? Well, we’ve had some pretty warm days so we asked Larry the Parks & Rec fellow if we could take building down there he said sure.  So, please pray we do well.

Today was Stake conference. I especially enjoy the choir they sang as we waited for the meeting to start. The youth speakers were great! One was the sister of Eric C her name I believe was Arianie. Her talk was about administering to others like the savior would have as do. I can’t put into words how I felt it was just so profound.  The whole meeting was just wonderful.

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Seattle for two day for some training for work, and will return on Wednesday evening. Its going to be weird coming after work. The course we are taking is on Microbiology. I hope its not to hard, and does not involve testing.

President Hendrickson, and a whole bunch of people said to tell you hi!
 Oh yea, I was reading in Abraham, and did you know that when man was made, and he blew air in his nostrils the body & spirit together became a living soul. I don’t why I thought that your spirit were the same thing as your soul. It was so interesting.

Well its late & I have to get to bed so I can finish packing in the morning. We love you very much for all eternity!

Querido hijo lo estude espernado con los brazos abiretos, y espero que Diosito me de las furezas pare que este ano se vaya pronto. Cuidese mucho trata las personas bien y no les forzes para que no se enojen. Que Dios me lo vendiga y escriva pronto por que me gustan sus cartas.
 Lo quiero mucho mucho

Su Papi Y Mami

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