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Our Leaders Are Truly Called of God...

March 22, 2015
Dear Mama and Papi,

Wait, Tia got to see them live? Wow. What a privilage. I'm jealous. Haha. (But, then again, I'll be going to school in Rexburg, so I'm gonna have to take a few trips down south to go. Haha.) Conference was marvelous, I must say. However, I feel there was too much emphasis on marriage for a missionary to handle. Haha. (Well, at least during the first session.) All jokes aside, they were really good. Gotta say, I had a few good reprimendings from the spirit, so that's always good. Really, it just strengthens my testimony that our leaders are truly called of God and set apart to lead us as the Savior would. That's definitely without a doubt. I also know that if we have doubts or questions or problems or things that anguish our souls, we can also receive answers from our leaders. I know that I received excellent counsel from my Heavenly Father. 
Aw. I loved Sister Burton's talk too. Haha. It's an excellent companion talk to Elder Christofferson's talk, "The Moral Force Of Women". Also, I had the wonderful privilege to be interviewed by Elder M. Russel Ballard of the Quarom of the Twelve Apostles. (See the Priesthood Session of conference for more context.) Gotta say, that was a good reminder and eye opener. I'll give more conference commentary next week (Since I don't have my notes with me...), but just a couple more highlights. Elder Nelson gave a super awesome talk about the Sabbath Day. His counsel is so important. I know that upon finishing my mission, that's something that I need to improve on so much, but I know and understand the blessings now. It's something that will be a blessing for my future family. 

Last small highlight: Elder Sitati spoke of our divine potential. It was a short talk, but something that is super important to remember and to recognize. That is something that I have been studying and learning so much about in the mission, and because I love teaching this, I'm gonna send a BYU speech that my dear friend Tad R. Callister (General Sunday School President) gave at BYU in regards to this. 

Yay! They're gonna get blessed! Ah, the family is slowly, but surely progressing towards the eternities! (I keep telling myself, I have work to do when I finish. Haha.) I hope that we were all able to take advantage of conference and will continue to study the words of our leaders so as to be perfected in Christ. (See Moroni 10) Well, that's all for this week. Love you all and hope you are well! Always praying for you!

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS, I'll look into the camera cord to see what I need. 

PSS, Link to the Tad R. Callister speech (If you want to download, simply hit listen and then right click and choose "save as".):

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