Sunday, September 13, 2015

We're Going To Do Our Best Here...

Dear Momma and Papi, 
I'll be brief since it's been a long day and there's stuff to do still. (Oh, how I hate transfer days sometimes. Haha.) So, really, all that I can report on today is the following: I got transfered out of Champton and now I am in Merida in Pacabtun. 
My new companion is a Dominican named Elder Paulino. He seems like a good guy. (You know them Dominicans.) We are opening the area. It's not a new area (since it had Hermanas before we got here), but they got transferred out, so we're both new to the area, but the Hermanas left us instructions, information, etc. that we'll be needing, so we'll see how it goes. We barely were able to locate a Ciber, so we'll how it goes with everything else. Haha. I was also ecstatic to find out today that my first son, Elder Lopez, is training. He got him a gringo from Los Angeles, but he'll be just fine since he knows (enough) English and can understand it well.  
Ah, so you won't be doing fair again. That's good, since that means I won't have to work fair after I finish my mission. Haha. (Seriously. Too much stress for three people to handle...) In the end, you will be blessed with the business and find that we'll have enough to keep going. In regards to the young couple you mentioned (and for your young women) help them understand their identity and how part of the restoration was a restoration of the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I believe Elder Perry's talk "Why Marriage and Family Matter- Everywhere in the World" might help, as well as President Packer's talk "The Plan of Happiness". (Though, I recommend that one in text since poor President Packer is very old now and doesn't speak as clearly as he used to.) We're going to do our best here, and I hope it'll be a good transfer. I'll let ya know how things go. Hope all is well! Love you tons!

Love, Elder Manuel Antonio Santos

PS, When's the date??? I'm gonna have to miss another wedding, won't I? Lame.

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